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Strategic Plan

NGINA Strategic Plan 2020–2023

Our Vision

To have a growing and profitable membership.

Our Mission

To facilitate our members' success in growing their businesses in a profitable, efficient, responsible and environmentally-safe manner through

  • Membership Services—identifying and delivering on member needs with a range of desirable services to ensure membership retention and growth.
  • Professional Development—supporting our members to improve their business’ professionalism, performance and profit, and supporting them in obtaining the necessary skills, qualifications and experience. Promoting the industry as an attractive career option.
  • Advocacy—building strong relationships with state and local government through mutual responsibilities around growth, investment, biosecurity and environmental responsibility.
  • Association Sustainability—identifying and developing services to improve the economic sustainability of the Association to provide tangible growth the provision of services and advice in a cost-effective and value-adding way.

Our Guiding Principles

  • Our members are professional operators in the nursery and garden industry, and our support and service must always reflect a professional approach to them.
  • We will always operate in an ethical manner and accept the importance of being collectively responsible for the local community and environment as an integral part of our core business.
  • Our industry is the genesis of many other industries and we must be strong environmental stewards for the benefit of the communities we serve through the promotion of sustainable business practices and fulfil our duties in biosecurity mitigation.