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GIA is leading the greening of Australia. They are the peak industry body for businesses and organisations that provide products and services for greenlife production, produce, supply and retail greenlife or promote the benefits of and share greenlife with the community.

NGINA and the other state associations work as individual associations under the same industry umbrella. 
NGINA is a GIA member and our members are by default are included on the GIA trade register. A savings of $2500!

Visit the GIA website here

GIA Policies:

Environmental Sustainability Position — This document demonstrates Greenlife Industry Australia's (GIA) commitment to environmental sustainability, the appropriate management of the association and its operations, the engagement of businesses in principles and applications of sustainability and the engagement of and collaboration with the broader community.

Climate Change — This document outlines how the Australian nursery and garden industry will play a lead role in managing the effects of climate change and variability in our urban natural environments. It also outlines how governments and authorities can assist in this regard.

Biosecurity — This document demonstrates how the Australian nursery and garden industry participates in the biosecurity continuum and outlines how governments and authorities can assist in this regard.

Myrtle Rust — This plan provides a detailed framework for growers and retailers to apply on-site for the management of myrtle rust on ALL plants from the myrtaceae family.

Invasive Plants Position — This document sets out the the nursery and garden industry's commitment to helping the community tackle the issue of invasive plants. It also outlines how governments and authorities can assist in this regard.

Water — Few industries are more affected by water policies implemented by government and water authorities than the nursery and garden industry. Having been particularly hard hit in recent years, the industry has finalised its own water policy.

Green Marketing and Trade Practices Act — Guidelines produced by the ACCC to educate businesses about their obligations under the Trade Practices Act in terms of using green claims as a marketing tool.

For additional information please visit GIA's website.